Adam Travel Services began serving customers in 1984 as a single location full-service travel agency. The company founder, Dr. Abdo Ibrahim, immigrated to the United States to further his education at Northeastern University where he earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Physics. Thereafter, Dr. Ibrahim decided to put his entrepreneurial prowess to work. A frequent traveler himself, Dr. Ibrahim saw opportunities in the travel industry, particularly when it came to serving the needs of the ever-growing ethnic population in Boston and surrounding areas. His efforts over the last two decades have yielded one of the most respected travel consolidators in the country. In its thirty plus years, Adam Travel Services has seen significant growth and expansion. There are currently 30 office locations ready to serve your needs.

Adam Travel Services is a Massachusetts Corporation. The company has been in business for over 30 years. Dr. Abdo Ibrahim continues to serve as President and CEO.


Adam Travel Services Australian branch has been established by Dr. Mamdouh Mohamad. Adam Travel Services Australian branch has launched its new website in Australia to facilitate for you the excellent services in Hajj, Umrah and Airline Ticketing. We serve Muslim brothers and sisters from all over the world.

One of the greatest achievements in the life of a devout Muslim is of visiting the Holy Mosque at Makkah for the performance of Hajj or Umrah. Systematic, orderly and comfort-conscious people always look forward to specialised services wherever they go.

Taking these factors into consideration, Adam Travel Services has evaluated and made extensive research in the field, focusing on providing best possible services to the revered guests.At Adam Travel Services we are a dedicated team fully committed to providing the utmost in specialised services, based on our motto to excel in the field, to the extent that nothing can be even remotely comparable to our services. Our motivation stems from the adherence to the norms of Arabian hospitality - and the excellence of our services speak for themselves.

We believe in providing exemplary services in all spheres - luxury coupled with a sublime palate. When you opt for Adam Travel Services, you will experience our unparalleled care and hospitality, making you feel that everyone is solely dedicated to serving you and is at your disposal to make your stay calm, peaceful, organised and comfortable.

We believe that our packages are great value for money providing the necessities and a touch more for a smooth and stress-free pilgrimage. Coupled with this our dedicated tour guides will be on hand to ensure that every stage of your journey is hassle-free allowing you to absorb and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

Our representatives in Saudi Arabia are well organised to provide unparalleled service to satisfy the needs of our Hujjaj with a professional team of different nationals. It’s expanding and constantly improving the network of hotels in Makkah and Madinah, together with the excellent service and competitive prices, place our selves miles ahead of our competitors. Its staff is highly trained to provide the highest standards of hospitality and service. We have professional people at the airport to meet and assist pilgrims on their arrival and departure in an extremely efficient manner.

We believe we are different from others. Our main difference is that we genuinely endeavour to keep our promises and strictly comply with and respect our pledges. In addition, we firmly believe and are clearly able to express the fact that our primary objective in this business is to serve the guests of Allah, not profit. It is because of these reasons that 80%+ of our client pool from year to year is through the recommendations of our previous service users.

Hajj and Umrah are spiritual journeys. Their ramifications and consequences are significant in your outcome. Hence, Hajj and Umrah are not similar to the mere purchasing of a ticket for traveling abroad. In a situation, the cheapest would not suffice, much more important is whether you will receive the necessary services and religious guidance. We are in a very privileged situation in that we can provide religious guidance from in-house and not have to rely on or recruit scholars who are not affiliated with the company. So please make sure that you use specialists in this field, just as you would endeavour to seek the assistance of a dentist for your dental problem, not your GP. You can only truly be confident in concentrating in your Ibadah if you are in safe hands. We believe we are that - a safe pair of hands that you can rely on to deal with the traveling necessities of Hajj and Umrah so that you can focus on the more significant reason for your journey, namely Ibadah that leads to the forgiveness from Allah and permanent abode in paradise.